Dr. Nigel Clarke, Finance and Public Service Minister, announced this afternoon that Bank of Jamaica will issue a completely new family of banknotes notes printed on polymer substrate. This new family commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Independence.

The new family will include a first time 2,000 dollars denomination which will be issued shortly. Other denominations will follow. They are being printed by De La Rue.

Details of the new notes are:

$50 note  (JMD50.5)
National heroes Paul Bogle and George William Gordon, who were on Jamaica’s original banknotes, but who today are on none of our banknotes, will appear together on the upgraded $50 banknote.

$100 note  (JMD100.4)
National hero Marcus Garvey, who was on Jamaica’s 50 cent banknote, but who is no longer on a banknote, will be restored and will appear alone on the upgraded $100 banknote.

$500 note  (JMD500.3)
Nanny of the Maroons and Sam Sharpe will appear together on the upgraded $500 note.

$1,000 note  (JMD1,000.3)
Sir Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley who were on Jamaica’s original banknotes will appear together on the upgraded $1,000 banknote when the new bills are issued.

$2,000 note  (JMD2,000.1)
Political contemporaries Michael Manley and Edward Seaga will be on this new note.  

$5,000 note (JMD5,000.3)
The images of former prime ministers Donald Sangster and Hugh Shearer will be on the new note.

Source: JamaicaInformationService 

Courtesy: Gabriel’s Numismatic Market, LLC.


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