On 27 December the National Bank of Georgia announced a competition for the design sketches of a 50 lari collector banknote (GEL50.4) commemorative of the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the lari.

The new banknote will be of the same size of current notes and printed on polymer. It will have to following security features:

  1. Transparent window.
  2. Holographic foil and/or micro optics; 
  3. Optical variable magnetic ink with additional effects;
  4. Micro texts;
  5. Relief images and inscriptions / intaglio printing (both sides);
  6. See-through image;
  7. Feature for visually impaired;
  8. UV Phosphorescent and Fluorescent inks in two or more colors;
  9. IR protection;
  10. Magnetic property.

The design of the note must show contemporary motifs on the front and historical and traditional ones on the back.

Sketches must be presented before 14 May 2024. Additional details are available from the National Bank of Georgia.

Source: National Bank of Georgia.

Courtesy: Notafilia.pl


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