According to an article published by, the Central Bank of Syria has issued in June a modified banknote of 5,000 Syrian pounds (SYP5,000.1B.)  The new note is not yet in active circulation.

While there is no official confirmation, it seems that the modified version has less security features than the original one issued in 2021 with the 2019 date. 

Apparently the new variant is also dated 2019. The most visible feature is that the vertical “5.000” found in the original one at center left of the front is missing on the new ones.

It seems there is no risk of counterfeiting, as these notes are worth only about half U.S. dollar.

The source elaborates on improved security as the reason for the printing of the second version, but probably the Central Bank of Syria just sought a lower printing cost. 

While the article indicates that the original notes were probably printed in Algeria, by the serial numbers format both varieties were most likely printed by Goznak in the Russian Federation. 


Sam Assad of 4WStampsandBanknotes has contributed to this posting.


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