The Reserve Bank of South Africa has made public, ahead of the date of issue, the design of the new notes to be issued to commemorate the centennial of Nelson Mandela. 

The notes in denominations of 10 (ZAR10.7), 20 (ZAR20.6), 50 (ZAR50.5), 100 (ZAR100.4) and 200 rand (ZAR200.4) will show Mandela in his old age in the front; and his young portrait and scenes of him in his early years in the  back. The sizes and colors are the same as in the current notes. 

These notes were not supposed to be unveiled until July 18 but the Reserve Bank decided to publish them now because the designs were circulating in the social media. 

Source: Reserve Bank of South Africa. 

Courtesy: Claudio Marana, Cleophas Schockem.

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