In August of 2018 it was reported that Banka Somaliland was planning to migrate to the use of polymer for their banknotes. Currently these are printed on paper substrate, and the largest denomination is 5,000 Somaliland shillings equal to 57 U.S. cents at the current rate. 

Recently a contract for the printing of banknotes with a face value of 380 billion Somaliland shillings has been signed with De La Rue, the British fiscal printer. 

Ismail Ahmed, Head of the Sahamiye Foundation, is asking De La Rue, to cancel it, alleging that the injection of such a large amount of new currency will cause the U.S. dollar rate will shoot from the current 8,750 to 20,000 shillings. 

Hiraanonline has published last week an image of what seems to be one of the new 10,000 SLS polymer banknotes.

Source: Hiraanonline.