Bank Al-Maghrib has issued yesterday 24 November a new banknote of 100 dirhams (MAD100.6), as part of a new family which will include all the other denominations. The Bank aims to release a new family of notes every 10 years to include the latest advancements in security features.

The main theme of the new note is the Moroccan Sahara. In its front it shows the portrait of King Mohamed VI, architectural details of Moroccan doors and the arcades of the front of the Hassan II in Casablanca.

The back it shows stylized view of Place Mechouar in Laâyoune in Casablanca, the expressway Tiznit-Dahla,  and the Feast of Moussem de Tan-Tan.

The new security features are a wide segmented thread with shifting colors, “100” at the lower left of front printed on Optical Variable ink magnetically oriented, and details printed with UV and IR inks.

Source: Banque Al-Maghrib.


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