The Government of India announced in a Gazette Notification on 7 February that it will issue a new 1 rupee banknote (INR1.3).

The size of the new note is 97 x 63 mm, printed on 100% cotton paper, 110 microns thick, of a 90 grams per square meter weight.

It will also have multi-tonal watermarks with Ashoka Pillar in the window without the words ‘सत्यमेव जयते’ (Satyamev Jayate), hidden numeral ‘1’ in the centre and the hidden word ‘भारत’ (Bharat) vertically arranged on the right-hand side.

The obverse side of one rupee note will contain the words “भारत सरकार‟ above the words “Government of India” with the bilingual signature of Shri Atanu Chakraborty, Secretary, Ministry of Finance and with the replica of New Rupee One coin with ‘₹’ symbol of 2020 issued with ‘सत्यमेव जयते‟ and capital Inset letter ‘L’ in numbering panel

According to the notification, the numbering shall be in black at right-hand bottom portion of the note in ascending size of numerals from left to right, while the first three alphanumeric characters (prefix) remains constant in size.

On the reverse, the one rupee note contains ‘भारत सरकार‘ above the words “Government of India” with the year 2020 on the representation of the One Rupee coin with ‘‘ symbol having design of grains depicting the agricultural dominance of the country and the surrounding design consist of picture of ‘Sagar Samrat’ the oil exploration platform and with the authentic rendering of value in fifteen Indian languages in language panel with the year figure shown vertically between “Sagar Samrat” and language panel in international number.

The overall color of One Rupee Currency note will be predominantly pink green on obverse and reverse in combination with others.



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