The States of Guernsey has introduced improved banknotes of 5 pounds (GGP5.9), 10 pounds (GGP10.5) and 20 pounds (GGP20.7) with advanced security features, which are:

5 pounds: PUREIMAGE™, a holographic thread representing the next level of holographic design, the Three Leopards and £5 symbol switch from dark to light when tilted in any direction.

10 pounds: IGNITE® is a combinational security thread with custom design, a strong blue/green colourshift and a pulsing pattern which shows a dynamic effect when tilted in any direction.

20 pounds: NEXUS™, an 18mm embedded stripe in magenta with 3D movement within the petals of the flower. The effect can be viewed on an east/west tilt. The very large surface area enables large, memorable designs which enable easy public recognition.

There are some minute variations in the designs of the notes with respect to the previous ones. The new notes bear the signature of Treasurer Bethan Haines,

They still are of the size of the prior notes, and not smaller as the current Bank of England notes. 

The States of Guernsey has begun the process of creating new banknotes showing the image of Charles III. Details will be made public at a later date.

Source: The States of Guernsey Government.

Courtesy: Cleophas Schockem; .


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