The Simon Wiesenthal Center has objected to the inclusion of Dr. Ramón Carrillo in the new banknote of 5,000 pesos (ARS5,000.1) planned by the Banco Central de la República Argentina.

The Center question honoring Dr Carrillo because he was a Nazi admirer, and a racist who was involved in the creation of an “ideal soldier” by eliminating draftees which presented undesirable racial qualities which could impede an “Argentine feeling”. 

Dr Carrillo’s face appears at the top left of the cover of “Perón y la raza argentina” (2019) in which, under Perón’s orders, he helped Danish doctor Carl Peter Vaernet to come to Argentina to conduct experiments to “cure homosexuality”.

Since it seems that the process for the issuance of this banknote seems to be quite advanced, the Argentine Central Bank may find itself in the situation Banque de France encountered around 1994 when it planned to honor the Lumière Brothers on the 200 francs note of the last pre-euro family. After tons of special banknote paper with their pictures in the watermark were produced, an association of Veterans complained, because they were German collaborators during Work War II. Banque de France obliged, and Gustave Eiffel was shown instead.


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