The Banco Central de la República Argentina approved today the issue of a new banknote of 2,000 pesos (ARS2,000.1). The image shown is a concept note. The final design made be somewhat different.

It is expected to be released to circulation in the second half of this year.

This banknote honors the development of Science and Medicine in Argentina. The front and the watermark show the images of Drs. Cecilia Grierson and Ramón Carrillo.

Dr. Ramón Carrillo was Argentina’s first Secretary of Public Health from 1949 to 1954. Dr. Cecilia Grierson was the first woman to become a physician in Argentina.

Dr. Carrillo was a neurosurgeon, neurobiologist, physician and public health advocate. Dr Cecilia Grierson who became a doctor in 1890 was very active in public health issues and gynecology. She was also involved in women rights.

The back of the notes show the Instituto Dr. Carlos Malbrán, which in its several buildings deals with many medical investigative specialties. 

Source: Banco Central de la República Argentina.

Courtesy: Alex Zlotin.