Bakary Jammeh, Governor of the Central Bank of the Gambia, has said that it plans to replace the banknotes with the portrait of the former dictator Yayha J.J. Jammeh (GMD5.5; GMD10.5GMD20.1; GMD20.2; GMD50.4; GMD100.4 and GMD200.1).

The process will be carried in several steps. Since the current stock is sufficient for six months, and it takes longer than that to design and produce a completely new series of notes, a reprint of the “Family” series will be ordered. It is so called because each denomination shows a typical Gambian man, woman, boy and girl. These notes may be ready by February 2018.

In the meantime a completely redesigned series, with advanced security devices will be prepared. These may be ready by the end of 2018.

Eventually the Jammeh notes will be put on a “one way traffic” and will not be reissued once they are paid into a bank.

Source The Point

Courtesy: Cleophas Schockem