Since its first issue - published in 1990- central and commercial banks, exchange bureaus, libraries, universities, coin dealers, travel agents and those involved in international trade rely on "MRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency"(tm) to find which currencies are used anywhere in the world, which banknotes are current, new issues and recalls, and virtually everything else they need to know about foreign currency.

In this manual, updated quaterly, you'll find timely information about:

  • Description of all current banknotes of all countries, with 2,000+ color pictures.

  • Free weekly updates by e-Mail.

  • Description of outmoded and redeemable currency, with their exchange limit date.

  • Monetary units of 220+ countries.

  • A brief monetary history detailing currency changes in the last fifty years.

  • Usual and ISO currency codes.

  • Tourist and parallel rates of exchange for every country.

  • Limits on currency import and export.

  • Announcements about upcoming issues and change of monetary units.

  • Warnings about mistakes to avoid.

  • A pictorial guide to identify exotic-currency.

  • Travelers checks in 18 currencies, and telephone numbers to verify them.

  • How to verify dubious American bills by phone.

Our current editon is the 87th

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